Roe v. Wade - Overturned

A novel written in the early 2000's tells the story of a post-Roe America.
If you read only one book - let it be this one.

They said it couldn't happen.

Overturned was a work of fiction written in the early 2000's and published for the first time in 2005.

It tells the story of a post-Roe America in the year 2021. Never did the author imagine the story would be a foretelling of the future.

We have the history that tells us what is going to happen - and it is NOT the preservation of life but an increase in the casualties.

The characters and stories in Overturned are fictional but they are composites of true stories and the unimaginable heartbreak that we will now return to.

If you are a woman, or love a woman then you owe it yourself to read this book and take action.


Outlawing Abortion does not end abortion. It simply ends access to safe medical procedures. Unobstructed access to healthcare during a women's reproductive years is a basic human right. We are now repeating the past and will most certainly suffer the consequences that former generations fought to end.

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The year is 2021 and abortion is illegal in the United States when a young unidentified female is found dead from an alleged “termination” in an abandoned tenement. The girl is identified as the daughter of a conservative right wing Senator which sets the opening premise in Overturned. Overturned takes an extremely controversial issue and wraps it in fiction allowing characters to voice their opinions within the safety and confines of the writers imagination. The novel attempts to answer the question, “What if” and finds that we should be very careful what “we ask for” as we may actually get it. Overturned is a political thriller that combines the business of politics, social reform and conspiracy into a story that brings us full circle on the issue of reproductive rights and those we love.

About the Author
Annette Raynor

Annette Raynor

Annette Raynor is an entrepreneur with an extensive background in emerging technologies and finance since 1983. An avid reader, she enjoys novels that focus on social concerns from multiple viewpoints, along with historical nonfiction. "I believe that we need to look to the past and try to put ourselves in the position of others when we take a stand on important social concerns. It is only through this exercise that we can hope to create a world that is beneficial for all." Annette developed the story line for Overturned from multiple true-life stories shared with her throughout the years. Annette maintains that story telling is the most effective way for us to discern, understand and communicate without conflict.

The inspiration for Overturned came in 1990's when the balance of the Supreme Court was in jeopardy. I wondered what would happen if abortion was outlawed and there was no shortage of women who told me their stories and stressed that we can never go back. Overturned was fiction but the characters were composites of the true stories shared with me. NEVER did I imagine this would be real and I think everyone should know where we came from as we are now returning to a time of heartache, suffering and death. It's my hope than everyon who reads the book will have an open mind as the characters are both pro-life and pro-choice. Outlawing abortion is about power and control. Overturned demonstrates that our lives depend upon unconditional love.

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Take Action Now

  • Codify Roe - Women's Health Protection Act of 2022 (H.R. 8296)
  • End the Filibuster
  • Write your Congressman, Senator and Governor urging support for H.R. 8296 and H.R. 8297
  • There is only ONE ISSUE on November's ballot
  • Only vote for a candidate that is committed to CHOICE
  • Take to Social Media and rally others
  • Do not be silent
  • Read/Watch all you can about the pre-Roe era